Ayana's default prefix is "=" without the quotes, all commands can also be ran by tagging Ayana. This page will be changing in the future. But due to it's high search pressence I need to put something here. So here is a quick list of Commands. <> = required arg, [] = optional arg, | = or, Please do not include the `<>[]|` in your commands they are used to represent data you need to enter.

Finder System

Ayana has a advanced finder system that assists you finding users, roles, channels, servers. For example if you had a channel named general you could type gen, ge, g, and the finder system will pick it up for you, if there are multiple conflicts Ayana will ask you to pick one. This system also allows for using discord IDs if you are savy.

Args: <user>
Fetch and display the requested users avatar.
Anime reaction images when someone is being bad.
Args: <user> [--reason <reason>] [--days <days>] [--soft] [--hackban]
Ban a user from the current server.
Args: <text> [--spacesize <number>] [--addspace <number>]
NEW Generates text with regional indicators
Args: [pageNumber]
Fetch public botlist counts from
Args: [channel]
Display information about the requested channel. No arguments assumes channel executed in.
Ayana will clean up her last 100 replies.
List of people who help make Ayana possible
Direct messages a list of commands.
Displays general bot information and links.
Get Ayana's invite link
Args: <user> [--reason <reason>]
Kick a user from the current server.
Sends Lenny ascii emoji to channel ran in.
Anime reaction imsages when something in chat is lewd.
Args: <url>
Uses to expand a link. Useful for seeing where a short link goes without risking clicking it.
Args: set [locale] [--guild] or locale list
Update user and guild languages. Run with no arguments to see available locales.
Very old modlog system never intended for public use. New users I suggest not using this. I will be fully rewriting this system and launching fresh with it. I will make an annoucement when that happens.
Ayana's Music player. Run music with no arg in your server to see futher usage.
Get and send a random cat image from
NEW Headpat reaction images
A quick way to determine if Ayana is online and can see your messages
Anime reaction image for when you just gotta pout.
Display the prefix for the current server.
NEW Chat pruning and message deletion. Run prune with no args in your guild to see futher usage.
NEW SAR rank join interface
Have ayana remind you about something. For more usage help run remind with no args.
Args: <role>
Display information about the requested role.
Args: <role>
Show a list of users in a role.
Args: <text>
Have Ayana say something
Args: <text>
Have Ayana say something but she will also delete your command message.
Display information about the server ran in.
Settings system interface. Run the settings command in your guild for more info
Send shrug ascii emoji to channel ran in.
Send smug anime reaction image.
Display detailed information about Ayana's shards.
Display various bot information about current shard.
Get Discord support server link.
Args: <user>
Display information about the requested user.
Anime reaction images when you just have to cry.

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