Donations Welcome <3

Ayana is a discord bot I made for fun and put my freetime into making her better. I never expected anyone but my friends to use her but I have been proven very wrong. She is growing very fast and taking more and more time to maintain and develop features for. I have a full time job so it can be hard to find time to work on her. Your donations will allow me to invest more time into her and Make her a much better bot.

A few things I want to do ASAP

  • Make commands uniform and easy to understand
  • Improve General User interaction
  • Finish web interface and web panel

Patreon - Montly

Patreon offers a great way support Ayana on a monthly basis. Special gifts are available as our way of saying thanks.

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PayPal - One Time

Paypal is the fast and easy way to support Ayana. If you dont feel like committing to a monthy model but still want to help out then please donate with paypal

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