Awesome Features

come standard

Music lovers can enjoy Ayana's music system. Complete with an intuitive queue, several supported providers (more added frequently), simple, fast, and clean
Easy, and understandable moderation. Kick, ban, mod logs, greetings. New features constantly being added.
Intuitively accessed information is at your fingertips. Ayana presents information in a way that is easy to glance at and comprehend.
Ayana offers several fun commands to liven up your server! shrug, lenny, lewd
Activly Developed
Ayana is far from finished. We are always adding new features and improving old ones. If you want to stay in the loop, join the support server and check out the updates channel!
Suggestions Welcome
Do you have an idea for Ayana? Or perhaps you discovered a bug? Whether it's an improvment, suggestion, or a bug., please let us know in the support server!

Quick Overview

Ayana is a powerful Discord bot with a ton of planned features. She is mostly incomplete right now but as time moves on, features will become more refined, consistent, and faster. I built Ayana as a fun side project, and she has since grown into something crazy. I am very happy and humbled to see people using her. I am working hard on new things for her. But it can be hard to find time. I live a busy life and Ayana is still just a side project. If you want to kick my butt in gear and get me making new features faster consider donating.

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